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Every person in this world is suffering because of different problems and reasons, sometimes we create problems for our self and sometimes other people causes different harms to us, sometimes circumstances are major causes of tension in our life and the list of reasons goes on. Taweez and wazifa or any zikir possess the solution of every days problem, your career, business, financial, love related issue, marriage, family life, domestic problems, non-issue problems, different nature of husband and wife, social problem, economical problem etc. For every problem there is some reason and solution, suppose you are looking for a job and find every door close to you, you run a business but no profit, you are married man and issue, problems or misunderstanding between husband and wife or you are facing different problems in your love relation. Family is against your attitude, you are unable to satisfy your family members especially father and mother, health problems etc. In short if you are not satisfy with the situation we will try our best with the help of Allah to sort out your problem, the reasons behind it and recommended the best solution with knowledge of Quran, Istekhare & Amliyaat, and numerological science. Just fill up the form with your name, mother name, date of birth with other details which you feel will be useful to us. Send us your questions and complete details of problems; we assure you the information given to us will be kept confidential.
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